About YUMChurch

Pastor Darnell Barkman

Office Phone number – 604-823-4451


Office Hours: Monday – Thursday – 9am- 12 Noon except holidays.

Call to book an appointment with Pastor Darnell Barkman outside of these hours.

We’re an anabaptist Christian Church with deep roots in Yarrow and the Fraser Valley. in the 1920’s Mennonite immegrants and refugees of the war in Europe fled to Canada. Some wealthy German landowners purchased what is now Yarrow and started hosting other german refugees. You can read more of our backstory here.

Today we’re a church from every generation. Some of us were born into the YUM church community, some are from a Mennonite back ground somewhere else and some are still trying to understand what a Mennonite is.

  • Are you are searching for a community to discuss important spiritual issues?
  • Do you have questions about who Jesus is and why he’s the center of Christianity?
  • Are you looking for people who are kind, faithful and trustworthy?

If you’re curious and would like to make some friends show up at one of our events. Everyone’s welcome. Or contact us here and Pastor Darnell can talk with you about your spiritual journey, what kind of friendships you are hoping for or just give you some info about how you can get involved in the YUMChurch community.