• Sunday Schedule
  • Adult Sunday School: 9:30am
  • Sunday Worship: 10:30am
  • Children’s Sunday School: During the service at 11am
  • Coffee and treats: 11:30am
  • Weekly Activities
  • Wed Bible Study & Prayer: 9-11am every week.

A local community, with deep roots, worshipping the Creator God and following Jesus Christ in daily life together.

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Sunday Morning Worship @ 10:30 AM

Location: 4336 Eckert Rd, Yarrow, BC V2R 5J5. Lots of people walk to church but we also have a big parking lot.

Adult Sunday School: In 2020 we’re studying The Bible Unwrapped: Why does the bible matter to Christians? How do we study it and what effect does this have on us?

Dress & Vibe: Casual & reflective. We have 4 generations in our congregation. All dress differently and have different levels of formality. No matter what you wear, you’ll be welcome.

Kids: Yes! We have a nursery for parents and babies. Toddlers stay in the service until we finish singing and are dismissed for Sunday school from toddlers-grade 6.

Coffee: Yes! Every Sunday we have coffee and home baked goodies from after the service (usually 11:30) until you go home.

What value does the church have to share with the world?

Yarrow Community Choir

Every Thursday night 7:30-9:00

Both beginners and well seasoned singers are welcome to join the Yarrow Community Choir for spring season! Join us any time as we’re prepairing for an Easter Concert.

Explore Personal Questions

We have bible study & prayer on Wednesday morning from 9-11 am. Or Tuesday at noon for lunch in the church basement

These are places to interactively study and question scripture together in diologue with others. How does scripture inform the rest of life, and who we understand God is? These are open for those inside and outside of our church community.

Workshops and Service

We have different workshops throughout the year

Email us or fill out the form below if you are interested in a workshop (Eg. Prayer) or a service oppurtunity in the local community.

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Contact the office if you have any questions!

Call us (604) 823–4451 or use the form below.

YUM CHurch

YUM Church is was established in 1938. For much of our history we were a German speaking congregation of mostly Mennonite immigrants fleeing from Russia and Germany into Canada. Today, 4 generations later we’re learning how to follow Jesus in Yarrow in the complexity of a world influenced by the internet, broken relationships, global warming, and continued mass migration.

82 years ago when we started worshipping together Yarrow was a small, young, rural Mennonite town. Today it’s transitioning into a town of formerly urban families moving out of the city. Yarrow is transitioning into the place where families move to get away from the city and find rest beside the Vedder river and at the foot of Vedder Mountian. If this is you, then your invited to walk with us on your family’s faith journey. We seek God together and his good and gracious will for our small town, Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley.

Office Hours

MonThurs: 9 am – 12 pm

Fri – Sat: Office Closed

Sun: 9 am – 12:30 pm

Call to book a meeting with Pastor Darnell any time.

Yarrow United Mennonite Church